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30 September 2022

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First Name : Flynn242
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After understanding the reality, any real object can become an ideal weapon, the knife can be used as a sword, an axe, a sword can be used as a knife, a gun.. An ordinary bench can also be used as 18 kinds of weapons. In reality, the effect is no different from that of 18 kinds of weapons. That is to say, a bench, using the real world, can also split a person's head with a stool, or pierce a person with a bench. Empty realm, after understanding, is able to control any item in the void. As long as it is the mind period of the warrior, spiritual power can be released, a mind period of a heavy warrior, about ten meters of a stool, a hand grasp, the use of the whole body of spiritual power in the form of pliers to release, and then back, more than ten meters away from the stool can be caught out of thin air. After three or five trips, the spiritual power is basically exhausted. And the mind period double warrior, almost can support catch twenty or thirty times, as the strength increases, the number of times is also stronger,white marble slabs, if it is a strong heart inverse period, if the self-cultivation is put aside, it can reach tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of times. On the surface, the effect of Yukong is indeed the same as that of the release of spiritual power, but in fact, there is a world of difference. First of all is the consumption of spiritual power, Lin Dong as early as in the mental period of a heavy, more than ten meters away from a bench, he can collect thousands of times to exhaust the spiritual power. This time,Slate Wall Panel, it can already be compared with the eight-fold warrior in the mind period. Now, with Lin Dong's spiritual power, regardless of physical endurance and other aspects, there is no problem at all for three or five months in a row. This also means that if you use the same spiritual power to grab a bench or something else, the speed and strength will reach a hundred times and a thousand times, which is also the biggest reason why the air can be used as a means of attack. Then, it is the number that can be controlled in the air. In theory, a warrior with a normal mental period can release his spiritual power all over his body, but the easiest place to control his spiritual power is his hands. If you want to take two things at the same time, you have to fall down at least one hundred and eighty times at a distance of ten meters. For the heart of the strong, the external release of spiritual power control has reached a hundred times a thousand times the warrior, but at most can only control two things at the same time to move freely. There are no restrictions on the control of the air, as long as the spiritual power is enough and the reaction ability is fast enough, one hundred or one thousand pieces can be controlled freely. The third realm of Yu Tian Jue is Yu Wu Jing. Lin Dong has already realized half of the pithy formula because his understanding has been constantly strengthened and has reached an incredible level. According to his understanding, it should be able to control any living thing, that is, all living things, Marble Projects ,Nero Marquina Marble Slab, as long as the spiritual power is enough. The reason why Lin Dong has not used it before is that he lacks spiritual power. And now, the spiritual power is enough. In the past, if Lin Dong wanted to catch a person to his side, he could only use the air to target the clothes of the other party and control the clothes to wrap the other party and fly over. Once the other side struggles, it is necessary to increase the spiritual power, so that the pressure on the clothes is greater, and the consumption of spiritual power will be greatly increased. Basically, the eight-fold strength of Lin Dong's mind period can completely control a seven-fold warrior in the mind period. It's a little hard for the eight-fold warrior in the mind period. If it's a nine-fold warrior, it's easy to be shaken open. But after comprehending this to have no boundary, may completely take opposite party's vital point as the goal. The most obvious thing is the neck, which does not control the clothes of the other party's whole body, which is equal to the reduction of the area by dozens of times. With the addition of vital parts, it is more difficult to resist. If used properly, the power of Yuwujing is absolutely a hundred times higher than that of Yukongjing. Lin Dong opened the door and decided to find someone to test the power. Text Chapter 371 Test Objectives Chapter 371 Test Objectives Lin Dongguang is an empty realm, and he can completely control a person who is one realm lower than himself. There is no doubt that the best candidate is one realm higher than himself, and if he is equal to his own realm, he can barely test out the power in the end. In Lin Ji Inn, and even the entire Lingnan City, can meet the goal of Lin Dong, only one-Lingnan City only accept the jurisdiction of the big Han country's strong Ji Zhenghong, of course, the premise is that Lin Dong has not yet registered to the Military Survey Institute. Really speaking, he is also the second city of Lingnan voluntary under the jurisdiction of the big fellow of the strong, the only difference is that he has not yet gone to find Ren Qingsong registration, register, because of the relationship with Ren Qingsong, he is too lazy to spend time running Qiufeng city martial arts Institute, strength therefore still stay in the mind period seven. Prefecture-level martial arts court within the jurisdiction of a strong willing to be under the jurisdiction of the big fellow, for the prefecture-level martial arts court president, is a great credit, can jump out of the cultivation of how much martial arts, accumulated how much credit after promotion, can directly by virtue of this great merit officer promoted two levels to become the county level military affairs court president. This is absolutely a great piece of good news for Ren Qingsong, who is extremely keen on promotion. Even the president of the county-level military Institute can get a lot of rewards for this. If the strong is also willing to be loyal to the big fellow country, in the county of the military survey Institute, you can step to the sky, directly to the capital of Tianwei pavilion. In Lin Dong's eyes, Ren Qingsong is also half a friend. By rights, he has to be informed of the good news for a while, but now, Lin Dong can't wait to test the imperial realm. Ji Zhenghong, a native of Lingnan City, had already broken through to the first stage of heart inversion as early as six or seven years ago. As for now.. It should still be a period of retrograde heart. To be able to enter the realm of the strong is the genius of the genius, but the genius of the genius is also strong and weak, Ji Zhenghong more than 60 to enter the realm of the strong, relatively speaking, is a weak one. According to Lin Dong's inference, if you want to break through to the double of the heart inverse period, there is no special situation, at least it will take three or five years. The only strong man in Lingnan County who is willing to accept the jurisdiction of the Great Han Kingdom, Ji Zhenghong's status and popularity in Lingnan City are naturally too high. Although Lin Dong did not know where he lived, he casually pulled a person to ask, and there was an answer inside. In the morning, it was the busiest time of the day. After Lin Dong left the inn,Carrara Marble Slab, he found an alley, jumped up to a roof, and flew towards the city at a speed that was difficult to distinguish with the naked eye. forustone.com  

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